Delivering Medications in the Face of Natural Disasters

For some patients, going a day without their medication can have disastrous consequences. So what happens when a natural disaster or disruption stands in the way?

Dawson Healthcare Solutions was featured for their feats in making sure no customer ever has to worry whether they’ll receive their medication on time.

In the face of everything from daily occurrence delays to natural disasters, Dawson Healthcare Solutions leverages all resources, experience, systems and passion to coordinate a successful delivery and an enhanced patient experience. In this story we learn of the positive impact Dawson’s Guardian Angel service has on the Specialty Pharmacy industry.

“There he was, tromping through this lady’s front yard in the middle of a giant blizzard, ringing her doorbell and delivering her the multiple sclerosis medication,” Mr. Geguzys recalled. “A while later I get a call from her, saying, ‘I can’t believe you did this!’ I told her, ‘That’s why we’re your pharmacy and not somebody else.’”

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