Parcel Management Leaders Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield Join Forces in Merger

The merger will bring an exponential combination of high-touch logistics support and predictive parcel management technologies to the specialty pharmacy and healthcare market.


Redmond, OR and Glen Carbon, IL — Specialty pharmacy continues to grow at an exponential pace. To keep up, the industry needs an automated, scalable parcel management solution that leverages the most advanced technologies while maintaining the highest level of human support to safely and efficiently manage high-cost medication logistics. To answer this need, the industry’s top logistics solution and parcel management providers, Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield, announced today that they will join forces to combine the delivery of their solutions into a unified offering, which will present the most powerful solution set — and reach — in the industry to specialty pharmacies and healthcare companies. Managed through ParcelShield Holdings, LLC, the merger, which is effective on October 23, 2018, represents the pairing and partnering of the companies’ logistical and technological strengths.

As longtime service providers in pharmaceutical package management, Doug Dawson, the co-founder and CEO of The Dawson Group, and Scott Knight, the founder and President of ParcelShield, determined that the organizations’ specialties complemented each other and their customers’ collective needs. When combined, the companies’ products and services are poised to create the next generation of automated and scalable healthcare parcel management solutions, built on the exponential power of two: “Man + Machine.”

To be marketed under the ParcelShield brand, the unified offering will take a “Man + Machine” approach to pharmaceutical and healthcare parcel management. It will leverage Dawson Healthcare Solutions’ renowned customer experience and logistics management with ParcelShield’s machine power and predictive technology platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) based and built on machine learning and predictive analytics.

“Historically, pharmaceutical package management can be full of variables that our teams track and manage around the clock to prevent delays and losses,” says Doug Dawson, who will serve as CEO of ParcelShield Holdings. “The AI technology developed and used exclusively by ParcelShield constantly plans for and responds to these variables and will help us devote even more focus to the high-touch support and service we provide to our healthcare customers. This boosts on-time parcel deliveries and further mitigates costly medication losses.”

“The saying ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ describes the exponential value our combined specialties and strengths will bring to the specialty pharmacy and healthcare markets,” says Scott Knight, who will serve as president of ParcelShield Holdings. “The world’s most advanced parcel management technology will now back Dawson’s second-to-none customer relations and logistics support. This merger is the foundation for the new generation of parcel management solutions.”

New and existing customers of Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield will benefit from the combined offering in the following ways:

  • They can rely on a standardized solution set built on the combined strengths of Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield.
  • They can access a solution that aggregates a larger data set to identify more deliverability patterns and insights to drive the most efficient business decisions.
  • They will have access to the most trusted and relied-on parcel management solutions available to the industry today.
  • They will recognize measurably significant savings in revenue loss prevention due to package and patient distress.
  • They will gain access to all-new products and services that are currently in development and are scheduled for release as soon as Q1 2019.
  • Services will be expanded up the healthcare supply chain to include laboratories, infusion therapy centers, distributors, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • They will be able to grow and scale with exponentially enhanced technology advancements and high-touch services.

For more information on the merger and resulting service enhancements, please contact Brian Thomason, Chief Strategy Officer of ParcelShield Holdings, LLC, at or visit


About ParcelShield Holdings, LLC

ParcelShield Holdings, LLC is the culmination of services made possible through the combination of Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield. The unified offering provides specialty pharmacy and healthcare markets with an intelligent parcel management and rescue logistics solution that offers more accurate and on-time delivery with fewer distressed packages to safeguard specialty pharmacy revenue and associated patient outcomes. Through the Dawson Healthcare Solutions and ParcelShield merger, large and small pharmacies plus other healthcare organizations get more than just a parcel management technology application. They get the “Man + Machine” advantage of exponentially enhanced package and logistics management services with a human-meets-technology touch. Further, they gain the assurance of accurate patient medication deliveries that are shielded against human and carrier error, routing roadblocks, and weather distress through an automated, technology platform built on predictive analytics, proprietary statistical modeling and Weather Farm technology, plus the most comprehensive and connected customer support available today. With a full-service “do it for you” (DIFY) system, specialty pharmacies and healthcare organizations can remain in complete control of their parcel shipping dollars and unlock hidden insider shipping details, including carriers’ cost and performance metrics, that are often time-consuming, cumbersome, and difficult to collect. Ship smarter with newly-enhanced ParcelShield solution and gain assurance, revenue safeguards, predictive insights, and second-to-none, 24x7x365 support. Learn more at


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