Guardian Angel℠

Let us be your guardian angel, ensuring delivery of time-sensitive and critical packages.

Dawson Logistics’ Guardian Angel℠ Program brings emergency response logistics to a new level. This program was developed and designed for the pharmaceutical industry and has blossomed into the world’s most sophisticated emergency response logistics services of its kind. We’ve now taken our proprietary tracking platform, that was built for the high-value, life-critical packages in the Specialty Pharmacy industry, and is now available to all those who require 100% committed day deliveries.

High-touch, white-glove service for any industry

Regardless of what you are shipping, the integrity of your product and the service you provide your customer relies on a timely delivery.

Let Guardian Angel℠ be the safety net that can dramatically increase your on-time delivery performance and exceed your customer’s expectations. Our 24/7-customer support team, coupled with our extensive nationwide delivery network ensures your time-sensitive products are delivered on the committed day regardless of external factors.

Our team of dedicated Guardian Angel℠ Logistic specialists take ownership of each and every package, providing relentless efforts from the moment a package receives our proprietary early identification of distress, until the package is delivered to your customer. Our specialists are thoroughly trained and perceptive to our clients needs to ensure careful management of deliveries.

Dawson Logistics’ not only works hard to provide seamless delivery to customers who demand 100% on-time service, but also provides valuable alerts, analysis and customized reporting, enabling our customers to make smarter shipping decisions and reduce shipping costs.

Dawson Logistics’ is an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC), capable of Next-Flight-out services, and is TSA certified.